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   Present scenario of higher secondary education in Odisha is a complete chaos. What to study ?,where to study and how to study is now a     million dollar question for any parent whose children has appeared 10th examination. More over the problem is more acute where we are       now parent of one child or two. In the process the integrated education system has proved to be the best and most fruitful system. KOTA       the place and name has brought a reputation of its own and so also some institutions whose name are taken as success. But the fact is         far away from reality because the performance of the students depends on many factor Like – coaching, teaching, doubt clearing of one         place and schooling as well as coaching by the come faculty Apart from these things we assume an environment and atmosphere which       helps any body to act and react.
   Only thing need of this juncture from you is your faith and belief on us and our organisation to give the best result.


Sal Integratade Science College


  We don’t just give students  an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We        help them succeed in their career—to discover a field they’re passionate about and dare to lead it. We          offer quality education and excellent environment that fosters sharp learning skills of students. Our              excelent skilled staff and the experienced teachers are take care of you. We have strived to make our            admission process as simple as possible to ensure that all prospective parents enjoy a stress free                  application experience.

  1. Step 1: Admission Enquiry:
    When admission will open you require to submit the available online form or visit the college office. Our counsellor will give you to all answers of your questions. Also you will get more information regarding admission procedure.
  2. Step 2: Registration
    The parents are requested to visit the college office, fill out the registration form and purchase the College prospectus and fill all details according to form.
  3. Step 3: Visit to College
    College Visit & Interaction with staff to get details of your enquiry
  4. Step 4: Form submission
    The parent needs to fill up the admission form and ensure all documents are in order.

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About Sai Integrated Science & Commerce College

A Complete Day Care & Residential Facility

Sai Integrated Science & Commerce College is the manifestation to the true expectation of students from Odisha. The Concept and the very idea has really come from the secret story of succesfull students from KOTA, DELHI, HYDERABAD and many places from out side Odisha.

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