Our Programs


Our College is is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It offers the nationally accepted and extremely challenging CBSE curriculum. ‘The course outline not only includes the CBSE framework, but also has been enhanced wherever necessary to prepare students for real world application. Besides being broad – based and vibrant, the curriculum is flexible enough to keep abreast with the latest developments and trends in the field of education.

Education Goals

The Sai Integrated Science College endeavours to provide education in a stress-free atmosphere.While encouraging a spirit of initiative, independence and self-reliance, a value-based undercurrent is maintained in keeping with the vision, mission and values of the college. The College is committed to creating an active and vibrant student community. The SISC offers a flexible educational curriculum that provides a tailor-made academic schedule to students, built around their career excellence. We encourage & provide means to our students, from 11 & 12, to balance their education excellence without compromising on their academics. We create lifelong learners who can balance academics.

Subject Choices

Our ‘Cafeteria approach’ within the ambit of CBSE makes it possible for us to serve our Senior Secondary students with a wide spectrum of subjects to choose from, including English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Mathmatics, Business Studies, Economics. You have the subject choices offered to Class 11 & 12.

Approach to Teaching

We recognise that it is almost impossible to survive the working world without technology. We have successfully integrated technology with learning to keep students engaged and focused. Our faculty is not limited to only textbooks and by using interactive teaching resources, the learning environment has become more hands-on. Technology in education helps our students to adjust to their own pace of learning and teachers also form support groups for students who need more individual attention.

List of Holidays


Makar Sankranti

Subash Chandra Bose Jayanti / Vir Surendrasai Jayanti

Republic Day (National Day)

Basanta Panchami

Mahasiva Ratri


Jan 14

Jan 23

Jan 26

Feb 16

Mar 11







Rules for College

  • Enrollment fee is adjustable to the course fee you opted for-

  • Enrollment fee is Rs 5000/- (Five thousand only). No Summer course fee. Only transportation cost is to be borne by student.

  • Admission fee is Rs 1,40,000/- (one lakh forty thousand only) for day scholars per year.

  • 2nd and last installment to be deposited in shape of post dated cheques.

  • Study material and books are given free

  • Examination (weekly, monthly, and daily) cost is borne by college.

  • Total faculty support by institution from teaching, coaching and doubt clearing. No need of extra tuition.

  • Lunch & snacks will be provided to day scholar on payment.

  • Transportation cost to be borne by the student.

  • Timing of school hour from morning 9.00 AM to 7.30 PM.

  • Biometric system to be adhered from the date of admission.

  • CC TV camera surveillance in the campus with AC facility in class room.

  • CBSE registration cost and study material is included with course fee.

  • Parent and teacher meet every month.

  • Indiscipline attitude will not be tolerated.

  • Use of mobile phone laptop is strictly prohibited.

  • Local guardian is allowed to meet only with prior permission.

  • Prior approval from Principal is necessary to take the student out and only with local guardian.

  • Cleanliness is next Godliness.Sharp 7.30 will be prayer time during regular class days.

  • All dispute is subject to Cuttack Jurisdiction only.

Rules for Hostel

  • Only after the admission process is over hostel seat can be allotted.

  • Total hostel fee of Rs 40,000/- (forty thousand  only).per annum

  • The hostel fee can be paid in installment.

  • For every hostel separated warden (Girls) Superintendent (boys) will stay with them.

  • Morning Tiffin, lunch, snacks and dinner will be provided daily.

  • Outside food will not be allowed in the hostel.

  • For any problem the inmates should contact the hostel in-charge if any emergency they may contact directly to management.

  • Cleanliness is next Godliness.

Campus Tour Time

We are opn on Monday – Saturday at 7.30 AM and 8.30 PM, except on holidays.

Admission Center

Arunodaya Market,
Arunodaya Colony,

Phone : (+91)(+91) 78529 35014, 78529 35012
Email : saiintegratedsciencecollege@gmail.com